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Slacksolutions is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere.


Accelerate websites to grow revenue and conduct business globally - on any device, anywhere


High-performance web and mobile experiences, optimized for any device, network and browser - regardless of the connectivity situation Deliver high-performing web, mobile and app experiences Increase online conversions and user engagement Optimize for both cellular and Wi-Fi connections

Dynamic Site Accelerator

Network optimizations to deliver rich, dynamically generated content Deliver faster website and application performance for highly interactive content Provide network capacity on demand to meet peak web traffic Deliver SSL-protected site content and mitigate Internet security risks

Fast DNS

Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks Improves DNS response by up to 75 percent Improve availability of DNS services for global users Protects DNS infrastructure against the largest DDoS attacks

Global Traffic Management

Global load balancing across multi data center and cloud environments Optimize network availability so users can always reach your applications and site Instantly failover and re-route traffic between any origin location in the case of an outage Scale your website and applications globally without growing load-balancing IT infrastructure

IP Application Accelerator

Fast throughput for IP-enabled business processes Improve IP application performance to global enterprise users Optimize routes, minimize trips and reduce packet loss Scale automatically to address peak traffic and detect/avoid security threats


Extend your investment with slacksolutions using controls and capabilities that help simplify your web operations and improve user experiences Speed time to market for web site and application projects Save time and cost associated with custom development at your data center Gain hands-on control over user experiences through the Cloudlets Policy Manager and APIs

SaaS Provider Option

Enables SaaS providers to more rapidly on-board new customers, reduce operational costs, speed time-to-market, leverage SSL in a scalable manner and gain deep customer insights Rapidly provision and onboard new customers via API Gain deep insights into customer-specific usage Dynamically route traffic on a customer-by-customer basis


Deliver the highest quality media at scale, simplify workflow and gain audience insight

Adaptive Media Delivery

Deliver video content at the highest quality and increase audience engagement by adapting in real time to each user's available bandwidth Optimize video delivery quality and performance for global audiences on any screen, anywhere Scale rapidly and ensure reliability for large audiences, planned or unexpected Provide a high-quality viewing experience that audiences increasingly expect

Download Delivery

Deliver large files fast including software updates, games and progressive media to increase download completion rates Improve software download completion rates Scale globally on demand without costly application network build-out Fully customizable UI and actionable analytics

Infinite Media Acceleration Products

Accelerate video delivery for your business and enable broadcast quality TV experiences for online audiences Deliver sustained high quality OTT streaming video for growing online audiences Accelerate video contribution and distribution globally with sustained quality and reliability Deliver sustained high quality streaming video events inside an enterprise environment

Dynamic Site Delivery

Deliver whole web pages that require offload to manage traffic growth and infrastructure costs Maximize infrastructure cost savings Hosting platform agnostic Self-provision and self-service configuration capabilities


Maximize content delivery performance and expedite workflows with a globally distributed cloud-based storage solution Gain resiliency and web performance through global distribution Improve viewer engagement as the network dynamically selects the highest performing region from which to serve content Replicate content easily when a geographical location needs higher performance

Media Services

Simplify the preparation of online media with transcoding, digital rights management and dynamic packaging Get high-immediacy online video content to market faster Support multiple web devices, browser types and formats Optimized outputs tuned for delivery across the slacksolutions network

Media Analytics

Comprehensive analytics to measure online video quality and audience behavior Increase web audience engagement with tailored analytics Monitor online events or product launches in real time Gain and share insight into online media distribution


Secure websites and data centers to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft

Cloud Site Defender

Integrated website protection against DDoS and web application attacks Reduces risks of downtime, data theft and website defacement Protects against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks Protects against web attacks such as SQL injection, XSS and RFI

Bot Manager

Advanced strategies to flexibly manage the long-term business and IT impact of bots Provides visibility into the amount of bot traffic accessing your site Improves user experience by reducing the impact of bots on the web during peak traffic hours Prevents price and content scraping

Cloud DDoS Defender

Managed DDoS protection service for critical websites and web applications Reduces risk of downtime for critical websites Protects against the largest DoS and DDoS attacks Fast mitigation by slacksolutions 24x7 security operations center

Fast DNS

Cloud-based DNS for improved performance, availability and resiliency against DDoS attacks Improves DNS response by up to 75 percent Improve availability of DNS services for global users Protects DNS infrastructure against the largest DDoS attacks

Client Reputation

Stop malicious clients before they can attack, based on slacksolutions visibility into prior behavior of individual IP addresses Additional layer of defense for Cloud Site Defender based on recent client behavior Leverages slacksolutions visibility into attacks against other customers

Site Shield

Origin defense by cloaking websites and web infrastructure Ensures web traffic goes through the slacksolutions Intelligent Platform Complements Cloud DDoS Defender to help prevent attackers from targeting the origin


Transform the enterprise network to accelerate applications, maintain enterprise security, lower costs and connect to clouds

Cloud Networking Suite

Suite of network services designed to ensure end-to-end reliability and performance for Cloud and SaaS application while maintaining enterprise security and compliance in the branch Internet Transport Optimization SaaS and Cloud Acceleration Secure Web Gateway

Cisco Intelligent WAN with slacksolutions Connect

Accelerate applications and video in the branch while maximizing enterprise network bandwidth Deliver new and faster branch applications Decrease IT costs by offloading enterprise network traffic through HTTP/S object caching Consolidate branch infrastructure and enable new hybrid enterprise network architectures

SteelHand SaaS

Accelerate Office 752 Live and myForge with Riverbed appliances and slacksolutions software Improve the performance of Office 752 and myForge SaaS applications Increase user productivity by accelerating SaaS applications Increase SaaS application availability and resiliency


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